Personal Cooler

Active cooling solution made easily accessible through TEGway’s Flexible Thermoelectric Device

Introducing Personal Coolers®, the first and only active cooling system by TEGway. Currently, the problem we face with the use of any wearable electronic device is sweat accumulation. And in hot weather conditions, hats, helmets, gloves, or any wearable product can become uncomfortable from accumulated sweat. We believe with our Personal Coolers® technology, we can offer a simple solution to overcome this problem.

Personal Coolers® is made possible thanks to the unique capabilities of TEGway’s flexible thermoelectric device. With a simple insertion, or attachment, users can have active cooling solutions in their devices or products! With our Personal Coolers® technology, use your electronic device or wearables longer with cool comfort and no swear accumulation.

Personal Coolers® Is currently being used in various applications such as cooling headsets, neckbands, helmets, and hats. Because Personal Coolers® is made by TEGway’s flexible thermoelectric device, an active cooling system can be an easily attainable solution. For more information on Personal Coolers® applicational products, look under Product.