Applications in automobile electronics, devices, etc.

Cooling distribution system

We have implemented our flexible thermoelectric technology for efficient automobile zone control in HVAC. This application is an energy efficient device that allows each passenger to feel direct cooling, and heating access.

Automobile Cooling Features

Cooling systems for steering wheels and mats

Through our technology, we have also made cooling and heating steering wheels for cars. These days, many luxury car options include a heating and cooling feature. However, these features have slow response times. With our Cooling Steering Wheel/Mat we offer immediate responses, with no delay.
Thermal Management
Temperature management for automobile parts

With the Thermal Management you can manage automobile battery, engine, and transmission in harsh weather conditions. No need to worry about freezing or over heating. With
Thermal Management technology made from our Flexible Thermoelectric Device, cooling or heating functions can be the management that every car needs.