Temperature Feedback Haptic

We are proud to introduce ThermoReal® a temperature feedback haptic device. Currently, only vision and hearing are used to create realism in VR, AR, games, and media. We believe our ThermoReal® can drastically heightened the realism of user experience. By sensing heat, chill and pain along with the contents, users can fully immerse in a 4D experience.

ThermoReal® is made possible thanks to the unique capabilities of TEGway’s flexible thermoelectric device which can

ㆍ synchronize thermal expression with video/game scenes
ㆍ execute multi-zones dynamic control functions
ㆍ conform directly with human body contact
ㆍ output immediate temperature responses

ThermoReal® is currently being used in various applications such as in VR headsets, gamepads, joysticks, and more. Because the flexible thermoelectric device is light, thin, and flexible, there is no limit when it comes to design. ThermoReal® conforms to any shape, and is customizable to fit any device design. For more information on ThermoReal® applicational products, look under Product.

ThermoReal has also been nominated as an honoree for 2020 CES Innovation Awards for wearable Technologies