Flexible Thermoelectric Device

The world’s first and only, light, thin, and flexible thermoelectric device by TEGway.

The typical structure of a thermoelectric device or thermoelectric semiconductor materials is between Al₂O₃ (a type of ceramic) substrate. Al₂O₃ is an inflexible and hard material.

Unfortunately, many devices that offer heat sources have arbitrary shapes rather than flat surfaces. It is therefore difficult to capture the heat efficiently with the conventional flat and inflexible thermoelectric device.

With our technology inventors sought to reinvent the process and structure of the thermoelectric device. While using BiTe-based materials, which have been field-proven to be the most efficient materials developed to date, they changed the structure of the device by utilizing a new processing technology. TEGway’s thermoelectric device is the world-first “Stand-Alone” high performance flexible thermoelectric device.

TEGway’s flexible thermoelectric device has a device ZT value (~ 0.7) comparable to conventional rigid bulk type thermoelectric device, yet provides better performance in real applications. With our FTED, there is less energy loss since our material is not made of thick ceramic substrates.

With our unique technology, we are able to have full freedom when it comes to device configurations.