Flexible Thermoelectric Device

The world’s first and only, light, thin, and flexible thermoelectric device by TEGway.

Our flexible thermoelectric devices are available for sale in various standard sizes, and can be customized to different shapes and sizes according to customer requirements

ThermoReal® Plus

HMD, Glove, and Sleeve ThermoReal®

We have applied our ThermoReal® technology to the head mounted display of VR devices, gloves, and sleeves. With ThermoReal® applications, users can feel the hot and cold
temperatures with the content of their VR game all throughout their body. Just like the movie "Ready Player One, ThermoReal® technology will allow users to fully immerse in
their content and intensify their user experience.

With the ThermoReal® technology, we were awarded the 2020 CES Innovation Awards! Come check us out as we display our new ThermoReal® set at the 2020 CES held in Las
Vegas, USA.


Three in one massage pillow

For healthy sleep and comfortable rest, we have designed the world's first cold and hot massage pillow with three massage functions: cold therapy, heat therapy, and acupressure. Our pillow is ergonomically designed to fit the body.

Dr. Cooler

Portable Scalp Cooling Massager

Portable Scalp Massager that uses TEGWAY's flexible thermoelectric device technology to quickly reduce scalp heat.